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Video: Michael Morse Completes Strangest Grand Slam Ever During Nationals vs. Cardinals

Given how unique this baseball season has been thus far, you would think that nothing could shock us anymore. You would think that, at this point, we would be immune to the twists and turns that may have otherwise caught us off guard had they happened earlier in 2012.

More to the point, you would think that nothing the Washington Nationals or any member of their organization does would surprise anyone anymore.

You would think wrong.

On Saturday, in what would eventually end up being a 6-4 Nationals victory over the St. Louis Cardinals, Michael Morse took part in what was perhaps the strangest and most awkward Grand Slam we have ever seen.

Take it away,

Morse's first swing came on the first pitch he saw from Cardinals right-hander Kyle Lohse in the opening frame Saturday, swatting the ball off a sign just beyond the right-field fence and back onto the grass in right field. The hit was ruled a single. Ryan Zimmerman stopped at third, Adam LaRoche doubled back to second and Morse had to haul it back to first, getting tagged out as he slid.

The umpiring crew reviewed the play and overturned it, correctly ruling the hit a grand slam. But to make sure all the Nationals runners touched every base and didn't pass each other, the umps sent Morse back to home plate and reset the situation. Morse chose to get there by running backward around the bases yet again.

So Morse took his second grand slam swing, this one without a bat in his hands, and took off running around the bases. There was only slightly less confusion this time -- along with some laughter and a round of boos from the Busch Stadium crowd as Morse jogged toward home plate following one of the more bizarre sequences of the season.

Got all that?


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