Video: Michael Beasley Accidentally Rubs Anthony Tolliver’s Knee During Wolves Game


The best play of this NBA season came during a surprisingly uninteresting game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Minnesota Timberwolves a few nights ago. As L.A. was busy smoking the Wolves (insert joke about Michael Beasley and weed here), the camera zoomed over to the Minnesota bench, where coincidentally the best thing ever was occurring.

What was happening? Well, while awaiting the start of a new quarter, Beasley reached down to rub his sore knee. Problem was, the knee he wound up rubbing wasn’t his own knee – it was Anthony Tolliver’s. Between Beasley’s apologetic reaction and Tolliver’s non-reaction reaction, this video probably deserves an Oscar.

Check it out:

(Kudos to The Big Lead)

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