Video: Metta World Peace Pats Avery Johnson on the Head During Lakers vs. Nets


The Los Angeles Lakers beat the Brooklyn Nets 95-90 on Tuesday night. It was a nice little win, sure, but it also doesn’t mean a whole lot. Contrary to popular opinion – the Nets aren’t great. They may have stolen a lot of headlines this summer but, for now at least, the squad seems to be more style than substance.

So again, the Lakers win was nice because a win is a win – but it was hardly a statement victory. Apparently nobody told Metta World Peace that the game was meaningless, though. How into the game was he? So into it that he inexplicably decided to do this:

Avery Johnson should be commended for not running onto the court and punching MWP in the face. (He would have subsequently gotten destroyed by MWP, of course, but still.) That has to be a top-five most disrespectful thing that an opposing player has ever done to a coach.

Can you imagine if one of Gregg Popovich’s players had ever done that? Can you imagine if MWP had done that to Gregg Popovich? Things would have turned out a lot differently.

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