Video: McKayla Maroney Goes on David Letterman's Show, Explains Why She’s Not Impressed


Gabby Douglas was the breakout star of the Fierce Five U.S women’s gymnastics team that stole our hearts during the 2012 London Olympics. Aly Raisman was the quiet, confident, consistent leader who handled business regularly on a seemingly nightly basis. Jordyn Wieber, without a doubt, was the survivor – the one who came back from an unspeakably rough break to do what was necessary in the team event. Kyla Ross was the low-key, under-the-radar consummate pro who did what was asked of her and didn’t make waves.

And McKayla Maroney, well, she was the it girl. Something about her, beginning with her Not Impressed attitude and ending with her quiet confidence, just made her stand out from the rest of the group. (Even though she didn’t actually accomplish all that much in the London Games.)

Yesterday, the Fierce Five appeared on Letterman and, as you would expect, Maroney stole the show. Check it out:

Nobody is going to eclipse Douglas after her landmark achievement but, aside from her, nobody’s star is shining as brightly these days as Maroney’s.

(Kudos EW)

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