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Video: Mavs’ Rick Carlisle Not Happy About “Dirty” Play He’s Seeing from Thunder

For the second time in as many days, the Dallas Mavericks fell to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Monday night. Much like they did in Game 1, the Mavericks challenged Kevin Durant and Co. throughout the entire showdown, and in the end they lost by the slimmest of margins – 102-99.

When a series is as hotly-contested as this one obviously is, the folks involved usually get very tense and high-strung about every little thing that happens.

Mavericks head coach, Rick Carlisle, is no exception.

Here is him commenting on what he perceived to be “dirty bulls***" from the Thunder in Game 2:

(Warning: He uses bull**** without the stars)

You can’t really blame Carlisle for being irritated. Not because OKC is actually doing anything dirty, but because Dallas is clearly done. If we know it, he knows it.

A very common mistake people make when watching these postseason battles is assuming that “almost winning” means that the losing team will eventually win. That’s not the case here, and is rarely true in general. When teams “almost win,” it’s usually because that’s all they’re capable of doing. If they were capable of winning, they would have.

The Mavericks had an amazing run in 2011 – but their chance of repeating this year are officially at .00000001 percent.

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