Video: Mavs Coach Rick Carlisle Kicks Ball into Stands, Hits Fan


An already not-so-great year got even worse for the Dallas Mavericks when head coach Rick Carlisle found himself ejected from his team’s game on Wednesday night. What did he do? Nothing too bad. He just kicked a ball into the stands.

After picking up his first technical foul of the game about two minutes earlier, Carlisle let his emotions get the best of him following a Russell Westbrook made basket. The ball wound up rolling towards the Mavs head coach’s feet and, instead of picking it up, he opted to go for the field goal. Predictably, the rock hit a youngster in the crowd on the head.

Check it out:

After the game, Carlisle made it a point to apologize.

"I want to apologize to our franchise, Mark [Cuban], our fans," Carlisle said. "The incident where the ball got kicked into the stands -- that can’t happen. My intent was not to kick it into the stands, I was trying to kick it to the referee, but I’m not a very good kick. But, that can’t happen; the officials made the right call on that one. That’s a regrettable situation."

Don't worry about it, coach. That guy probably deserved a shot in the head anyway.

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