Video: Marvin Williams Hilariously Costs Hawks a Win vs. Knicks

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Marvin Williams did the impossible during Sunday’s showdown between the Atlanta Hawks and New York Knicks – he turned a 29-point, 11-rebound and three-block performance into an afterthought. In a bad way.

With his team down by one and slightly more than three seconds remaining in the game, Williams caught the inbounds and aimed to cement his hero status for the day. Rather than dishing the ball back to the original inbounder, Joe Johnson, Williams cut to the basket and went for the game-winning dunk.

What happened next? Check it out:

In case you missed what happened there – not only did Williams blow the dunk attempt, he blew it after the final buzzer sounded. Meaning, even if it had gone down, it still wouldn’t have counted.

Move over, Martell Webster – you have company in the 2012 crunch time Hall of Shame.

(Kudos to CBS Sports for the find)

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