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Video: Manny Pacquiao Likes Training, Loves Shakira

At this point, does anything about Manny Pacquiao surprise anyone these days?

Over the course of his three-to-five year reign atop boxing, Pacquiao has rejected pretty much all basic norms as they relate to athletes.

In an age when various sports stars can’t run away from political issues -- for fear of losing advertising money -- fast enough, the Filipino champ opted to run for and ultimately win office. While other athletes (read: Floyd Mayweather Jr.) have chosen the route of tireless self-promotion to get famous, Pacquiao has resigned himself to winning fans over by being a White Knight in a sport filled with villains.

And with only four days remaining until his November 12 showdown versus Juan Manuel Marquez, Manny has decided to drop another bomb on us.

In preparation for his matches, he has a very unique music artist that he listens to. Whereas some may want to get pumped up for a fight with a little rock or rap or techno, the Filipino champ is a sucker for the woman who brought us “Hips Don’t Lie.”

Yup, Shakira is his absolute, undeniable favorite.

Check out Manny professing his love for the international superstar to the Los Angeles Times below.


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