Video: Manny Machado Fakes Out Evan Longoria, Rich Thompson, Tampa Bay Rays, World

The Baltimore Orioles are currently on a mission to steal the AL East from the New York Yankees, and they moved a bit closer to accomplishing that goal last night thanks to a very clutch move by Manny Machado.

With two outs and the game tied in the ninth, Machado was able to get his hands on an Evan Longoria bunt way too late to make the throw to first. Rather than giving up on the play or making the throw to first just for the sake of pretending to be doing something, though, Machado iopted to fake out the world and make the smartest play we’ve seen this year.

Check it out:

Thanks in large part to Machado's heady play throughout the whole night, Baltimore ultimately won the game 3-2 to remain in first place.

(Kudos SportsGrid)

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