Video: Manning Throws Impressive Hail Mary to Nicks, Leads Giants Past Packers

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Heading into Sunday’s showdown between the New York Giants and Green Bay Packers, there were a lot of reasons to assume that the underdog Giants would emerge victorious. They seemed to have more momentum behind them. They didn’t have their star wide receiver just returning from injury. And, perhaps most importantly, they had already proven that they could ride a streak like the one they are currently on all the way to a Super Bowl title. (The Packers were not on the same type of streak that they were on last year).

Still, it was hard to bet against the defending champions right up until one specific play on Sunday that basically signified that they were officially cooked. When Giants quarterback Eli Manning managed to hit wide receiver Hakeem Nicks with a Hail Mary to end the first half, you more or less had to admit that Green Bay was toast.

Check out the Hail Mary in the video below.

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