Video: Manchester City’s Balotelli Showboats v. Galaxy, Misses Badly


You can find a lot of little nuggets of wisdom in sports if you look hard enough.

Over the last few weeks several life lessons have been passed down to an otherwise unsuspecting public. The U.S. women’s soccer team taught us that even if you lose to a team you were favored to beat in the FIFA Women’s Cup championship game, all will be good so long as you’re ridiculously personable and undeniably attractive. Tiger Woods taught us that when you mess up, Karma will rear its ugly head in the form of potential financial issues, relationship drama and the loss of useless, annoying guys who made millions by virtue of their ability to hold golf clubs.

And on Sunday, when the L.A. Galaxy squared off versus Manchester City in a friendly, Mario Balotelli taught us that showing off usually doesn’t end well. With a picture perfect  opportunity in front of him and a chance to ice the game, the Manchester City striker perplexingly opted to forego a simple nudging of the ball into the net in favor of some sort of spinning, backwards mess that looks like it belongs in the latest Karate Kid spinoff starring Jayden Smith.

He missed, of course.

Understandably, his coach -- who immediately pulled him from the game -- and teammates were extremely annoyed at the squandered opportunity and stupidity they witnessed.

But hey, at least we got a lesson out of it.

Video of the madness below.  


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