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Video: Male Jets Fan Punches Female Bills Fan During Game

The New York Jets absolutely destroyed the Buffalo Bills in yesterday's season opener, but that wasn’t the biggest story to come out of MetLife Stadium on Sunday. No, more interesting than Mark Sanchez’s inexplicable offensive explosion and the Jets’ general impressiveness was what happened in section 302 when a set of Jets and Bills fans got into it for reasons unknown.

Now, for the record, fighting in stadiums isn’t a new thing. That’s not what made yesterday’s incident stand out. What made yesterday’s incident stand out was that a women got decked by some yoked up dude midway through the melee.

Check it out:

And via Busted Coverage:

There is no word on whether anything happened to the puncher or not; however, seeing this clip is one SportsNation showing away from becoming a viral sensation, it’s probably a safe bet that something will happen to him soon enough.

(Kudos HuffPo, Busted Coverage)

Photo Credit: 104.5

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