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Video: Maine High School Football Coach Posts Nude Photo on Facebook, Resigns

Every single time we see young sports stars get caught up in social media-related drama the ending commentary is always the same: coaches need to teach their players how to use Facebook and Twitter effectively.

Well, as it turns out, social media can mess coaches up too.

Case in point: Paul Withee, the former South Paris (Me.) Oxford Hills Comprehensive High football coach.

Withee made headlines recently when he accidentally posted a naked photo of himself to his very public and apparently well-monitored personal Facebook page. Parents became understandably outraged when they found out what happened, and despite the fact that Withee maintains the photo was meant for his girlfriend and only inadvertently got posted to Facebook, the damage was done. He resigned shortly thereafter.

Check out the full story via Yahoo! Sports:

The lesson here? Stop taking naked photos, folks.

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