Remember when this guy was a badass?

The complete and utter deterioration of Hedo Turkoglu’s skills -- since his standout year with the Orlando Magic two seasons ago -- has been fascinating to watch. As far as The Daily Heat is concerned, it’s right on par with the Steve Francis Decline, the Anfernee Hardaway Disappearance and the Death of Michael Finley’s Career.

In terms of just how far Turkoglu has fallen, there wasn't a better example than last night when the poor 31-year-old hasbeen missed a dunk during a game against the Dallas Mavericks because he couldn’t get enough lift. If the rest of the NBA is playing at a high altitude, Turk has been left at sea level.

Needless to say, Orlando lost the game.

Yup, Dwight Howard must be really reassured with the recent acquisitions of “Your Money or Your Life” Gilbert Arenas, “Can’t Find a Permanent Home” Jason Richardson and “Air-less” Turkoglu.

Check out the video of the epic fail HERE.


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