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Video: Magic’s Stan Van Gundy Has Impressive Handles

For whatever reason, Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy’s appearance inspires a lot of preconceived notions. He doesn’t have the aura of slickness that Pat Riley always possessed, nor the collective cool of the Zentastic Phil Jackson. He doesn’t have the youthful appeal of an Erik Spoelstra, and he doesn’t inspire confidence on sight like someone of Larry Brown’s ilk.

Similarly, at first glance, you wouldn’t expect Van Gundy to be able to do much of anything on the basketball court. Sure, everyone knows he played a little ball back in the day, but come on, in the here and now you can’t really imagine the man Shaquille O’Neal once nicknamed the “Master of Panic” busting out any And 1 moves, right?


While showing some youngsters the ins and outs of basketball at a recent event, Van Gundy shocked all spectators in attendance with moves that could make you reminisce about the time Allen Iverson crossed over Michael Jordan.

What with the lockout and all, maybe it’s time for some replacement teams. Who wouldn’t pay to see Van Gundy running around the court maniacally, hogging the ball and crossing over Mark Jackson?

Video of Van Gundy doing work below.


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