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Video: Louisiana-Lafayette Beats Western Kentucky by Putting 6 Players on Court

The good folks at Louisiana-Lafayette may have revolutionized the sport of basketball forever when they beat Western Kentucky 72-70 on Thursday night. You know how they say that two heads are better than one? Well, stay with me here, what’s better than having just five players on the court?

That’s right – trot out six players.

Getting the ball with the game tied and about 21 seconds remaining, Louisiana-Lafayette slowly began to wind down the clock, clearly holding the ball for the last shot. As players started to run around the court in an attempt to get open and, simultaneously, unclog the lane, you could clearly see one unguarded player by the three-point line at all times.

Of course, in the end it ended up not mattering because in true Kobe Bryant-esque fashion, Elfrid Payton opted not to exploit the advantage and instead drove into traffic for the winning lay-up with about three seconds remaining on the clock.

After the game, despite protests from Western Kentucky, the referees refused to do anything about arguably the worst officiating mistake we’ve seen at any level of basketball in 10 years.

Good for them. They respect guys who stand by their principles at the unemployment office.

This has clearly been a bad week for bad referees.

Check out the hilarious mess below:

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