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Video: Louis C.K. Tells Lolo Jones to Make a Sex Tape with Tim Tebow

If ever there was a reason to watch The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Louis C.K. and Lolo Jones appearing at the same time would be it.

Jones, for those who don’t follow Olympic hurdling, is a somewhat unsuccessful (though, beautiful) female athlete who realized that she could make a lot of money for being a popular personality, even if she wasn’t all that good at what she actually did. In order to become a personality, she came out and told the world that she, at 29, was a virgin.

At first it seemed like maybe she made the announcement to promote abstinence or something positive like that, but given her non-stop milking of it over the past couple of months, clearly it was all just for publicity.

Anyway, unsururpsingly, talk of her virginity somehow found its way into the conversation during her Leno appearance on Monday night. Thankfully, America’s favorite comedian was there to salvage the cringeworthy conversation:

Check it out:

A few days back, Jones placed third in the 100m hurdles at the U.S. Olympic trials – so get used to seeing a lot of her from this point going forward, right up until she inevitably flames out in London.

(Kudos NBC)

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