Video: Little Kid Ogles Attractive Blonde Cheerleader During Hawks vs. Wizards


The Washington Wizards are completely unwatchable this year. It’s not even that they’re 0-10. That’s a problem, obviously, but you can be a losing squad and still be entertaining. No, the reason that Washington is so terribly unwatchable this year is because they’re horrible offensively. And seeing as John Wall is still out, it’s hard to envision that 30th ranked offense improving at any point in the foreseeable future.

During a recent showdown between the Wizards and Atlanta Hawks, a young man who was sitting courtside understandably couldn’t stand to watch what was happening on the court. He was looking for any excuse to have his attention diverted. And, fortunately for him, that excuse came in the form of an attractive blonde cheerleader.

Check it out:

You may as well shut down the NBA season right now. We’re calling the fight. That is going to go down as the best highlight of the entire year, no question about it.

Photo Credit: Awkward Sports

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