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Video: LeBron James Mocks Stevie Johnson Mocking Plaxico Burress

Miami Heat forward LeBron James is a much-maligned figure in American sports. In a lot of ways he personifies everything folks hate about athletes, and his wannabe bad guy routine from last year was far more corny than villainous. But despite the fact that 98 out of 100 scientists agree that LeBron is an awful person, you have to give credit where credit is due.

Yesterday, he and Kevin Durant participated in a little flag football game for whatever nonsensical reason. LeBron’s team won, miraculously, and it may or may not have been in clutch fashion. Nobody knows for certain because, again, it was an entirely meaningless game that drew zero attention outside of LeBron’s entourage and Durant's entourage. The latter's entourage is comprised entirely of tattoo artists and backpack makers, by the way.

The one interesting thing that happened, though, was this wonderful touchdown celebration by LeBron in which he mocks ‘Butterfingers’ Stevie Johnson mocking ‘One Shot’ Plaxico Burress.

While Opposing Views hasn’t confirmed it as of yet, our fake sources indicate that LeBron did what he did in response to Johnson impersonating him in the fourth quarter of last Sunday’s game versus the New York Jets.

(Kudos to Deadspin for the find)

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