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Video: LeBron James Laughs in Kevin Garnett’s Face During Heat vs. Celtics Game 1

Once upon a time, Kevin Garnett was the fiercest intimidator in all of the NBA. Between his incessant primal screams, constant unnecessary displays of aggression, and that weird head-banging thing he did before every game, something about Garnett’s style made him look like a dude that you most definitely did not want to mess with. Over the years, though, that facade of toughness has sorted of melted away. Noticeably.

The level of respect that Garnett gets reached an all-time low during this past Monday’s Game 1 showdown between the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics.

Here is how LeBron James reacted after being on the wrong end of one of Garnett’s hard fouls:

Yup, he laughed. And what did Garnett do when confronted with a guy basically laughing at his intimidation skills? A whole lot of nothing.

(Kudos NESN)

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