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Video: LeBron James Dunks in Meaningless Game, Won't Shake Fan's Hand

Miami Heat forward LeBron James is an unquestionably awful person by every measureable statistic.

Whenever you kind of, sort of want to give him the benefit of the doubt regarding something he’s done in the past that was really stupid, he’ll either remind you that you have to go back  your regular life tomorrow while he’s still going to be really rich, or he’ll find another way to insult you.

During Rudy Gay’s charity all-star game yesterday, James scored 43 points and wowed the crowd with a series of spectacular plays. Plus, he donated his time to a charity game, which is always nice.

Then, he followed that up with an act which perfectly illustrates why everyone, everyone hates him.

After dunking the ball in moderately impressive fashion (it was a charity game, let's not go crazy), James walked over to the fans and began flexing, mugging, and doing all the stupid stuff he always does for the cameras. A female fan reached over while he was nearby, hoping for a handshake.

LeBron saw her, acknowledged her with a glance, and then left her hand hanging in the air as he continued to posture for the cameras.


Hopefully a player returns the favor in next year’s NBA Finals (please let their be a season) when James and Maverick Carter are watching the action from their third row seats.

Video of LeBron being LeBron below.


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