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Video: Landon Collins Commits to Alabama; Also, His Mother Hates Him

Landon Collins has a lot of things going for him in life. For one thing, he’s ranked as the top high school safety in the nation and is regarded as someone who will be an immediate difference-maker at the next level. Also, by virtue of being such a talented defensive star, he essentially had the option of attending any school he wanted, including the two college football juggernauts in LSU and Alabama that will meet for a national championship on Monday, Jan. 9.

But there is one apparent downside to Collins’ life – his mother seems to despise him.

With his whole family beside him and the eyes of the nation glued to their TVs, Collins got the opportunity to commit to either LSU or Alabama live on ESPN at the Under Armour All-American game. And after a lot of heavy contemplation and soul-searching, clearly having thought his decision through every which way, Collins finally announced that he would attend Alabama and play for the always-excellent Crimson Tide.

Great news, right? Well, not if you’re the mother of the No. 1 high school safety in the country, apparently. Check out his mother’s reaction to the announcement below:

Yeah, that won't cause any emotional scars.

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