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Video: Lakers vs. Jazz Preseason 2012 Highlights

The Los Angeles Lakers haven’t been having a very good preseason so far. Forget the fact that they are 0-3; the worst thing about this squad’s run is that, because Time Warner has yet to work out a deal with other cable providers, a lot of Laker fans can’t even watch these games. When will this nonsense end? It’s impossible to say – there is no end in sight at the moment.

As far as last night’s outing: take the end result with a grain of salt. Preseason final scores are meaningless – what actually happens during the games is far more important. Here was the good from this one: Kobe Bryant, Metta World Peace (again), and Robert Sacre. Here was the bad: Pau Gasol, Steve Nash, and the team’s transition defense.

Next up: a showdown versus the Sacramento Kings on Friday Oct. 19.

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