Video: Lakers Kobe Bryant Beats Bow Wow for $1,000, Dignity

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Kobe Bryant is, by all accounts, a pretty good guy. He contributes money to a lot of charities, donates his offseason time to teach youths how to not pass the ball at his summer camp, and has been a very vocal leader in the NBPA’s battle against the owners.

At the same time, it’s been noted in the past that Bryant can be an excruciatingly antagonistic pain in the you-know-what when he’s on the basketball court and his competitive juices are flowing. Everyone that has ever played against him -- even if they like and respect him -- universally agrees that he’s borderline unbearable when gets into that Kobe Zone where trash talk was made just so that he could yell it out, teammates are just distractions and the only bad shot is the one not taken.

Case in point: Bryant meets Bow Wow.

The awful rapper turned awful actor turned awful basketball player once known as Lil’ Bow Wow decided to pay a visit to Bryant’s camp recently. It’s shocking that he could find the time to do this between butchering other people’s quality beats and playing video games nine hours per day, but somehow Bow Wow was able to carve out a little “me” time.

Deciding that he had entirely too much money in his pocket on this brisk summer day, Bow Wow challenged Bryant to a one-on-one game. Kobe obliges the request, and shockingly enough, he gets beaten by the young rap star. No, just kidding. Bow Wow gets destroyed in no time and embarrassingly hangs his head as he tries to think of a new great way to waste the time of little kids who came to Kobe’s camp hoping for a little guidance from the former MVP.

Ultimately, Bow Wow decides he wants one more shot at redemption. This time, though, playing for pride isn’t enough because even Bow Wow isn’t delusional enough to believe he has any of that left at this point. Rather, they put $1,000 on the line, with the stipulation being that this game would be “jumpers only.”

Needless to say, Bow Wow lost again. The real fun part of the whole freak show, however, was deciding who was more annoying: Bow Wow or Bryant. Bow Wow’s seemingly legitimate ridiculous belief that he could even compete with the Lakers star was mind-bogglingly sad. By the same token, though, Kobe’s non-stop, incessant yammering and barking as he was toying with a guy who is smaller than the rock on the ring he gave to Vanessa back in ’04 was anything but refreshing.

Video of Kobe killing Bow Wow can be found below.


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