Video: Lakers Give Head Coach Mike Brown the Worst Nickname Ever


Nicknames are supposed to roll off the tongue and be really, really cool. They’re supposed to evoke fear in your opponents and respect from the general public. They’re meant to send the message that you’re unique and one-of-a-kind at what you do. I mean, think of the truly great nicknames that we’ve had in sports.

His Airness

Black Mamba

The Dream

Too Tall

Prime Time


Mr. October

The Greatest

The list is endless. Sure all those guys got their nicknames because they were amazing players – but the same theory should apply to coaches. After all, The Zenmaster is a pretty cool nickname. Unfortunately that tradition of Lakers coaches with great nicknames appears to have started and ended with Phil Jackson, because the one the players gave to head coach Mike Brown is absolutely awful.

During an appearance at the Staples Center on Tuesday, the players in attendance were asked what Brown’s nickname was. Here is what they said (via the L.A. Times):

All day, everyday? That sounds like the answer 7/11 personnel give when you ask them when they’re open.

I can’t think of a better nickname for Brown at the moment – but I can say with absolute certainty that his current one sucks.

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