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Video: Kyna Treacy, the Model Alex Rodriguez Allegedly Flirted With, Speaks Out

Watching his New York Yankees lose Game 4 of the ALCS to the Detroit Tigers wasn’t the worst thing that happened to Alex Rodriguez today. No, the worst thing that happened to A-Rod today, without question, was Kyna Treacy -- the model he allegedly flirted with -- realizing that she liked her 15 minutes of fame.

You will recall, a couple of days ago a story surfaced saying that Rodriguez spent part of his team’s ALCS Game 1 showdown trying to pick up some Australian model who was sitting nearby. The report came with a few sketchy pictures that didn’t prove anything and no real, verifiable info, but it was salacious and proved to be good for a few laughs.

Things got a little less funny on Wednesday, though, when somebody in the Yankees organization went out and confirmed to ESPN that A-Rod had in fact been trying to pick up some girl in the stands. The problem there isn’t that an athlete sought out groupies, obviously, it’s that his organization thinks so little of said athlete that they would publicly burn him like that.

And any hope A-Rod had of this story dying a quick and painless death this week dissipated today when the model he supposedly hit on, Treacy, did an interview with Inside Edition.

One dumb entertainment show down, 10 million to go.

Maybe now that the Yankees’ postseason run is over we can finally stop talking about A-Rod and his groupie drama. And by maybe, of course, I mean hopefully.

(Kudos Larry Brown Sports)

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