Video: Kobe Bryant Reacts to Someone Showing Him His Death Stare at Mike Brown


Everyone knows the Los Angeles Lakers are terrible right now, so that isn’t really up for debate. Along the same lines, everyone knows that Kobe Bryant has the shortest of short fuses, and that he is probably seething at the prospect of leading a 1-4 team. Finally, everyone knows that at some point, barring a change, Kobe’s frustrations will boil over and he will explode on someone. The question right now, really, is just who he will actually explode on.

Update: Mike Brown has been fired.

This past Wednesday night, as the Lakers were on the wrong end of a Utah Jazz win, Kobe could be seen giving what was dubbed online as a ‘death stare’ to his head coach, Mike Brown.

On Thursday, reporters caught up with Kobe and showed him a video of his own ‘death stare.’ It was very meta. Here is his reaction, by way of Serena Winters of Lakers Nation (via PBT):

It’s all fun and games until Kobe actually kills Mike Brown.        

(Kudos Pro Basketball Talk)

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