Video: Kimbo Slice Knocks Out Either Jesse Porter or Richard Dawson


Infamous backyard brawler, Kimbo Slice, fought at the Lucky Star Casino in Concho on Saturday night. It was a real treat for everyone in attendance, and also all of the people at home who weren’t sure if Slice was actually even still alive anymore.

The night ultimately went extremely well for the former UFC punching bag, as he successfully knocked out his opponent with relative ease. Problem is, and this speaks volumes regarding both Saturday night’s fight and Slice’s career as whole – nobody knows who exactly he knocked out. Some sites are reporting that it was Jesse Porter, others are saying it was Richard Dawson. Seriously.

Nearly 24 hours after the match took place, we still haven’t received clarification on who the guy on the wrong end of Slice’s fist was.

Anyway, here is Slice knocking out some dude:

(Kudos to MMA Fighting and Cage Potato)

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