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Video: Kevin Durant Hugs Mom, Family as Thunder Beat Spurs

No other superstar in the NBA could have walked off the court with 20 seconds remaining in a game to hug his mother and not caught flack for it – but no other superstar in the NBA is quite like Kevin Durant. When you’ve built your reputation on being as humble as you are great, when you manage to walk the tightrope between being a megastar and being the most down-to-earth dude ever with the sort of ease that Durant seems to, you get passes for certain things.

As the Oklahoma City Thunder locked up a berth in the NBA Finals, we got this clip, one that will probably be shown over and over again if OKC ultimately wins the title:

Can you imagine the headlines today if LeBron James had walked off the court with time remaining to hug his mom? He’s taunting them! He doesn’t respect his opponents! There’s a reason for the differing reactions. What you’ve done makes you who you are, and who you are will impact how people perceive what you do.

Durant is officially the NBA’s new biggest star.

Photo Credit: USA Today

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