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Video: Kevin Durant Earns 1st Career Ejection During Thunder vs. Nets

Kevin Durant is one of the more mild-mannered NBA players you will ever come across. Sure, he has his moments of aggression from time to time, but nothing even remotely resembling what you see on a regular basis from a lot of The Association’s other superstars. And so, given his temperament, most folks weren’t particularly surprised to learn that heading into this week -- after five years as a pro -- Durant had yet to record a single ejection.

That run officially came to an end on Wednesday night.

Frustrated about an offensive foul on Kendrick Perkins (in a game which featured OKC getting called for 10 more fouls than their opponents), Durant exploded on referee Danny Crawford and ultimately got booted from the proceedings.

The Thunder would go on to lose the game 110-93.

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