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Video: Kentucky’s John Calipari Accuses Duke of Flopping

Duke basketball players flop a lot. That’s just a statement of fact. Everyone knows it. Be it because Mike Krzyzewski teaches his guys how to flop or just because he is inherently drawn to players for whom flopping is second nature, somehow, the Blue Devils always end up with a team full of guys who are great at falling down when someone breathes on them.

On Tuesday night, no doubt annoyed about the fact that his team was getting outclassed by Duke on national television, Kentucky head coach John Calipari said this about his opponents: "They're flopping all over the place. In the NBA, they'd all be suspended."

Was Coach Cal salty about being down at halftime? Sure. Was he sort of being a bad sport? Obviously. Was he wrong? No. He was one hundred percent accurate. And when you’re one hundred percent accurate, folks will stand behind you…

…unless you pretend that you didn’t say what everyone heard you say. Which of course is exactly what Calipari did after the game.

Never change, Coach Cal. Never change.

(Kudos The Big Lead)

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