Video: Josh McRoberts’ Buzzer-Beater from Lakers vs. Nets is His Biggest Accomplishment Ever

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Depending on your expectations going in, Josh McRoberts has either underperformed or performed about as well as can be anticipated during his time with the Los Angeles Lakers. Nobody will make the case that he has overachieved, though.

Despite his shockingly solid athleticism and the lack of depth that L.A. has when it comes to big men, McRoberts has averaged just over two points and three rebounds this season. Those figures are lower than the 4.6 points and 3.7 rebounds he’s averaged over the course of his career, if anyone is keeping track.  

On Tuesday night versus the New Jersey Nets, McRoberts -- who started in place of the injured Andrew Bynum -- had arguably the biggest highlight of his career. Of course, it came at the end of the first quarter and with the team comfortably leading by seven – but it was cool, nevertheless.

Check it out:

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The Lakers wound up winning the game, 91-87.

(Kudos to HuffPo for the video)

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