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Video: John Clayton's ESPN SportsCenter Commercial Blooper Reel

ESPN’s SportsCenter commercials have been pretty solid over the past few years, and that in turn has made them something of an anticipated thing. Whenever a new one comes out, people watch it, analyze it, and review it.

As is the case with everything, there are always a certain amount of positive reviews and a certain amount of negatives reviews. If the latter category isn’t as large as the former, ESPN likely adds their new commercial to the wins column. If not, vice versa.

Last week, the World Wide Leader released a new commercial featuring John Clayton that was so epic, so amazing, that it garnered zero negative reviews. Literally, zero. Go find one right now. Bet you can’t do it.

Realizing how much people enjoyed the original commercial, today ESPN released a video of bloopers. Enjoy:

Given the overwhelmingly positive reaction that he’s gotten over the past few days, maybe the World Wide Leader should have gotten Clayton to host First Take.

(Kudos The Big Lead)

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