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Video: Joba Chamberlain Gets Hit by a Bat During Yankees-Orioles Game 4

A day after their thrilling Game 3 victory over the Baltimore Orioles, it felt like everything that could go wrong for the New York Yankees did go wrong.

By now everyone knows that the Yankees lost Game 4, however, what the box score won’t tell you is just how much the Gods were against them in this one. Aside from Alex Rodriguez continuing to be his generally useless self, and aside from Curtis Granderson and Robinson Cano going a cool 0-for-11 last night – New York also suffered the freakest of freak injuries when Joba Chamberlain got hit by a broken by at the start of the 12 inning.

Where did he get hit? His elbow, of course. Yes, the surgically repaired one.

The Yankees will be playing for their season today at 2:07 p.m. – let’s see if things can possibly get any worse.


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