Video: Jim Leyland Goes on Dumb Rant After Tigers Lose to Red Sox


The Boston Red Sox earned a 7-4 victory over the Detroit Tigers on Monday night. Boston’s win, in large part, can be attributed to a huge second inning in which Mike Aviles capitalized off the umpires mistakenly failing to call him out during one of his at bats. The error proved to be a costly one for Detroit, as the squad wound up giving up three runs in the inning.

Jim Leyland and Gene Lamont argued the call for a while, and both were eventually ejected for their troubles.

After the game, Leyland went on a dumb rant about how everyone needed to be held responsible for what transpired.

"It's that simple, isn't it? I mean you guys need to write something and hold people accountable. You know what, we're all accountable in this business, and when I say, 'all of us,' I mean everyone who's involved in the game needs to be held accountable.

"There should not have been a rally in that inning. Have the nerve to write what you saw and say it — because I'm not going to sit here and rip the umpires. Write it and say something once in a while. Have the nerve to say something. Next question."

Now, Leyland’s angry reaction to what happened certainly isn’t dumb. His temperament was perfectly justified given the fact that a bad mistake possibly cost his team a win they otherwise would have earned. But his plea for everyone to be “accountable” is ridiculous in every sense.

If there was a mistake, the media would cover it with or without his insistence. None of that would change what transpired, though, and none of that would give his team the game back. Nor would the media covering what happened prevent future errors like this. Umpires don’t make mistakes on purpose, they make them accidentally. No amount of shaming, embarrassment or anything of the sort could possibly change that aspect of the game.

Now, if only there was some magical bit of technology that would allow umpires to see what happened on the field at any given time…

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