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Video: Jim Gray Destroys Ref Mora After Mares v. Agbeko

Saturday’s Showtime boxing spectacle featuring Abner Mares and Joseph Agbeko was mired in so much controversy, that even the media and announcers couldn’t believe what they had just witnessed. At one point, Agbeko -- who eventually lost via decision -- was blatantly hit below the belt by Agbeko. The move was so obviously illegal, so visible, that it was clear even without replay that the blow deserved punishment.

Obvious to everyone except referee Russell Mora, that is.

After Mares was ultimately ruled victorious, longtime media personality Jim Gray muscled his way into the ring and approached the referee – eager to ask the questions that were on everyone’s minds. And while a lot of people may dislike Gray -- for his role in The Decision -- he absolutely destroyed Mora with one appropriately tough question after another.

Check out Gray in action in the video below.


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