Video: Jets' Bart Scott Talks Being a Leader, Hard Work and Much More


Jets linebacker Bart Scott may be one of the fiercest players on the field, but off of it, he wears a different face. When Class Act Sports’ Jared Ginsberg called him a celebrity, he played up the term.

“First of all, I didn’t even realize I was a celebrity so thanks for that info. I can start acting a little better today,” he said.

Scott was rehabbing from an injury so was unable to golf at Jason Taylor’s Golf outing, but did lend his support at the event.

“Guys out here trying to raise money. There are four teams and I think each team has a celebrity on it. We are just trying to do our part. I think some guys can golf. I am clearly not one of them, but I am here for motivational inspiration, so I am coaching my team up and I think I am raising their level of play,” Scott said to Ginsberg.

A leader on and off the field, Scott explained what goes into having that role with the team.

 “I just try and lead by example. Try and work hard. Try and be part of the team. It doesn’t matter to me if you are the first round draft pick or you are the guy that is the last man on the roster because at one point that was me so I can relate at both ends. I can relate to the guys that are supposed to be the so-called superstars but I also can related and understand with what’s going on with the guys just trying to maintain and keep a job,” he told Class Act Sports.

Scott broke it down even further, explaining that teams are made up of all different types of players, and getting them to play together for each other is the real challenge.

“The thing about football is, we are all at different stages. You have guys that are chasing and trying to get better, trying to get a big contract, trying to make a name for themselves. And you have the older guys who are just trying to hold on. I think it is important to make sure you always have a gap to bridge those two players together. I think that’s about the leadership you have in the locker room and I try to be one of those guys that can mesh and make sure we become a team and not a group of individuals,” Scott said.

While some players have the skills to make the NFL, others have to work harder for it, but Scott’s message was the same to players and non-players alike.

“Just continuing to work hard. There is only one way to get what you want. Like I tell anybody when they ask me how you make it to the NFL. Anything you want in life, there are a lot of dues that have to be paid and things that you have to do. And some people have to do less depending on where you are or the type of talent that you have but if you are willing to put the work in you can accomplish anything. Any that is not just football. Some of us are blessed naturally to be able to do that, some of us have to work a little harder, but there’s a lot of guys who are watching us on Sundays who should have been playing on Sundays, but they weren’t willing to pay the price,” he told Class Act Sports.

Scott may be a star in the NFL, but he still makes as much time for his fans as possible whether that is through twitter, facebook, or his own personal website.

“’Madbacker57′ is my twitter page, and every once in a while we have something interesting on there. I’m also on We have some things that we do. I used to sell the t-shirts to earn some money for Eric LeGrand who was paralyzed- that’s where the website came from. But you can catch up with me. I am not hard to find,” he said.

The story began when the Jets defeated the Patriots in the 2011 playoffs, and Scott used the phrase “Can’t wait!” in his interview. It became popular, and he made t-shirts with the slogan, selling them to help LeGrand.

“Last year during the lockout I made the ‘Can’t wait!’ t-shirts. We were able to raise about $37,000 for [LeGrand], to help and assist him. I have a cousin who is a paraplegic so I understood the expense of just converting your house over, the medical bills, the rehab, the air-boots that help created the circulation for the legs. It was a story that was near-and-dear to my heart, so I just decided to try and take the whole ‘Can’t Wait!’ thing and do something positive with it, so that is what I did with it,” Scott told Class Act Sports.

He ended the interview by saying something that is really true about most athletes, and was one big reason why Class Act Sports was created.

“We are not just football players. We are sons, brothers, husbands. There is a lot more to us. Unfortunately a lot of times on the television, you only get to see one layer of the onion,” he said.

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