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Video: Jeremy Lin’s Highlights From Knicks vs. Hawks

If Wednesday night’s New York Knicks versus Atlanta Hawks showdown was any indicator, Jeremy Lin and Carmelo Anthony might wind up being a very formidable duo together. All of the worried jibber-jabber regarding how the pair -- along with J.R. Smith and Baron Davis -- would mesh proved to be needless panic, as all of New York’s key contributors played well in a game the Knicks really owned throughout.

Lin finished with nine assists and 17 points on six-of-11 shooting, Anthony finished with 15 points on nine-of-16 shooting and J.R. Smith finished with 12 points on four-of-eight shooting. There were more than enough basketballs to go around, selfishness wasn’t a problem in the slightest, and the Knicks cruised to a 99-82 win in impressive fashion.

Check out Lin’s highlights from Wednesday night’s game in the video below.

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