Video: Jeremy Lin, Rockets Fall to Spurs (Complete Highlights)


Jeremy Lin needs a lot of touches in order to be successful. The New York Knicks learned that lesson the hard way when his production noticeably dipped after Carmelo Anthony returned from injury last season. The Houston Rockets are learning the same lesson this season.

Prior to Monday night’s 134-126 loss to the San Antonio Spurs, here were Lin’s lines from his last three games: seven points and three assists, four points and four assists and four points and three assists. Hardly earth-shattering figures. Last night, however, with James Harden out nursing an injury, here was Lin’s line: 38 points and seven assists.

Notice a difference?

Unfortunately, Lin’s monster night wasn’t enough to earn Houston a victory over San Antonio. Gary Neal and Tony Parker led the way for the winning side with 29 points and 27 points, respectively. Tim Duncan pitched in 11 points and 13 rebounds, too. Six Spurs players ultimately finished in double figures.

Five Rockets players finished the game in double figures.

Check out the highlights from this one in the video below.

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