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Video: Jeff Van Gundy Rants About Flopping During Heat vs. Hornets

Jeff Van Gundy never shies away from opining about NBA rules. We know where he stands on players fouling out. We know where he stands on charging. And, of course, we know where he stands on flopping.

We know where Van Gundy is on all of these various issues because, everyone once in a while, typically during games, he goes on rants about them.

If you have never experienced a Jeff Van Gundy rant first hand, here is pretty solid one (mind you, he’s still in preseason form):

The best part, without question (thanks to LBS for transcribing): I don’t understand why [the NBA won't make the flop violations public]. Why not call these guys out? That’s a flop, and he’s a flopper. I think they should, and I think they should put the flopping “F” on their uniform too.”


(Kudos Larry Brown Sports, @cjzero)

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