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Video: Jay Pharoah as Stephen A. Smith on Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live opting to mock Stephen A. Smith is both good and bad for sports fans. It’s good because, obviously, if any awful analyst needs to be mocked, it’s most definitely Screamin’ A. Smith. He was bad enough before he became Skip Bayless’ sidekick on First Take, but now he’s totally unbearable. So that’s the good side of Smith being made fun of on SNL.

The bad side of it, however, is that in a way it legitimizes Smith. It makes him seem like he's way more important than he actually is. And, of course, worst of all, it makes him think he is more legit than he actually is.

That’s the tradeoff our planet makes for this video, I suppose:

Spot on.  

(Kudos NBC)

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