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Video: JaVale McGee Gets Confused, Runs Back on Defense While Wizards Have Ball

JaVale McGee is one of the lesser known amazing personalities that the NBA has to offer. This is a guy, mind you, who despite playing for the perennially irrelevant Washington Wizards has somehow found a way to leave his mark on The Association time after time after time just by virtue of being himself.

How, you ask? Well, remember the time he divided America with a simple alley-oop to himself? What about time the time he single-handedly tried to torpedo the players’ labor position while they were negotiating with owners during the lockout? Or, how about the time he and Andray Blatche got into that little scuffle outside a nightclub?

Anyway, when it comes to keeping folks entertained – McGee is wonderful. The talented -- albeit strange -- Wizards big man managed to find a new way to put a smile on our faces again when his team took on the Toronto Raptors Monday night. After an unsuccessful layup attempt, McGee angrily lowered his head and began to run the other way. You know, to get back on defense. Problem was, despite his miss, the Wizards had retained control of the ball.

Check out JaVale McGee being JaVale McGee in the video below.

(Kudos to SLAM for the video)

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