Video: Jason Kidd's 3-Pointer Lifts Knicks Past Nets


Two historically unimpressive teams like the Knicks and Nets being rivals was a funny idea when New Yorkers initially brought it up this summer, but it definitely doesn’t seem funny anymore. These two squads have played twice thus far in 2012, and both games have been undeniably spectacular. If this isn’t the best rivalry in basketball right now, it’s very, very close.  

On Tuesday night, the Knicks ultimately captured a 100-97 victory thanks to a big three from Jason Kidd. Hilariously enough, the pass came from J.R. Smith.

Yes, you read that correctly – Smith was the passer and Kidd was the shooter.

And yes, Kidd did stick his foot out in that sequence to get a four-point play. Fortunately, because ball don’t lie, he didn’t get it.

(Kudos USA Today)

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