Video: James Harden Elbows Metta World Peace During Lakers vs. Thunder Game 2


In a sort of hilarious twist of fate, James Harden got a bit of revenge on Metta World Peace this past Wednesday night. You’ll recall that in the Los Angeles Lakers’ final regular season showdown versus the Oklahoma City Thunder, Peace gave Harden a hardcore elbow shot that ultimately concussed Harden, and earned Peace a seven-game suspension.

Coming into this series, one of the less interesting storylines being talked about was what sort of reception Peace would get from the OKC crowd for his deed. We say less interesting, of course, because it was obvious that they would boo him. They would boo him even if he didn’t elbow one of the most lovable players in The Association, though, so it’s hard to imagine why that would be a story either way. And, of course, as Twitter must-follow @DrewUnga pointed out prior to Game 1:

MWP saw a dude get stabbed in the heart with the leg of a picnic table. At a basketball game. Your boos must kill him inside.

— Andrew Ungvari (@DrewUnga) May 15, 2012

So, the whole storyline surrounding Peace’s reception on the road was stupid from the getgo. That said, it was still a storyline. And during Game 2, that storyline got furthered a bit when this Harden opted to accidentally lob his elbow in Peace’s general direction while trying to dribble around him:

Was it intentional? Was it karma? Stay tuned, ESPN's First Take will probably do a 45-minute analysis of the incident at some point today.

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