Video: Jalen Rose Destroys Skip Bayless for High School Basketball Lie on First Take


ESPN’s resident provocateur and contrarian, Skip Bayless, makes a living saying dumb stuff about sports. It really isn’t that big of a deal and we’re cool with it if he’s cool with it.

That being said, when you build your entire professional career on basically bashing and taunting athletes for their perceived weaknesses, eventually it will come back to bite you.

And it came back and bit Bayless hard on Tuesday morning, when former NBA player and current ESPN basketball analyst Jalen Rose destroyed him on his own show.

At several points over the last few months, Bayless has alluded to being something of a solid high school basketball player. The good folks over at The Lost Ogle did the yeoman’s work of reading through all his rambling on Twitter and actually located two specific tweets where he characterized his supposedly legit hoops skills.

Check it out:

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Unsurprisingly, after a bit of slick detective work by The Lost Ogle, it was uncovered that Bayless wasn’t some sort of amazing baller. Nope, he was just another benchwarmer who offered basically no production and had a limited impact.

And Rose called him out on that very fact this morning:

The sheer awkwardness of that exchange will haunt us for weeks.

Bottom line: Bayless needs to take an Ativan and slow his role. At the end of the day, he is just a big, over-the-top sports fan like the rest of us. He isn't some great baller. He's isn't some pro analyst. He's just a loud guy with a mic and a platform.

Maybe getting taken down a peg on his own show will remind him of that. (It'll either do that or add another mood disorder to what is probably a long list of existing mood disorders.)

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