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Video: Jackson Strong’s Snowmobile Crashes into Crowd, Injures Fan at Winter X Games

It goes without saying that X Games participants take some serious safety risks when they perform all of the amazing tricks we've come to know them for. That’s why these guys get paid the big bucks, after all. The reason they gain the notoriety that they ultimately gain and become as big of stars as so many of them are is because of how awe-inspiring their stuff is.

Seeing X Games participants get injured is not all that unusual. It's an occupational hazard. Seeing X Games fans get injured, however, is a bit bizarre. And yet that is exactly what happened on Sunday when, after a failed backflip, Jackson Strong’s snowmobile got away from him and ran full speed ahead into the nearby crowd.

Check it out:

According to USA Today, a young male spectator had to be evaluated by the medical staff after the fact. Fortunately, the injury stemmed from him hitting his knee while getting pulled out of the snowmobile’s way – not because he was hit by the snowmobile.

By all accounts, everyone emerged from the incident safe and sound.

(USA Today)

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