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Video: Ivhan Bibiatov Knocks Out Mateusz Piechocki in 3 Seconds

When the lead-up to your mixed martial arts (MMA) bout is ten times longer than the actual bout, you probably got knocked out too quickly. When people who sneezed likely missed you getting dropped, you probably got knocked out too quickly. When the guy who caused you to see stars spent more time wiping your blood off his knuckles than actually fighting you, you probably got knocked too quickly.

Mateusz Piechocki got knocked out too quickly at a recent Professional League of MMA event in Poland.

Check out Ivhan Bibiatov making quick work of his opponent -- really quick work, at that -- in the video below. (Note: the actual fight starts at 1:33, but you should watch the whole thing just to get a feel for how short the match was.)

(Kudos Yahoo! Sports)

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