Video: Indianapolis 500 Finish; Hildebrand Crashes, Wheldon Wins


The Indianapolis 500 is something of an acquired taste. A lot of people don’t have the patience or time to sit through hours upon hours of little race cars going in circles, despite the storied history of the event. However, when the race reaches its conclusion and there are about 10 laps to go, the Indianapolis 500 can be one of the most exciting things a sports fan will see all year long -- something just about everybody can enjoy.

The 2011 incarnation of legendary race proved to be no exception.

After both Danica Patrick and Bertrand Baguette were forced to make pit stops with less than 10 laps left, J.R. Hildenbrand found himself in ideal position to steal the victory. Then, with less than a lap remaining, he went a tad high on the final turn and ended up crashing into the wall -- effectively killing any and all shot at a win.

Dan Wheldon, at the right place at the right time, moved in for the kill and seized the victory.

Video of the thrilling conclusion below.


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