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Video: Indiana Destroys North Carolina (Complete Highlights)

Coming into this season, Indiana and North Carolina were both hyped as teams to watch. The expectations for the latter program were substantially more realistic than the championship ones that folks had (and have) for Indiana, but they were still pretty lofty. Too lofty. On Tuesday night, the Tar Heels suffered their second loss of the year in the form of a 83-59 shellacking from the Hoosiers.

You never want to make any rash judgments before these teams even get to the 10-game mark, and Indiana is an admittedly great program, but it was difficult to walk away from last night’s outing and not think that the Tar Heels are still very overrated.

That perception will either be shattered or reaffirmed over the next month.

Cody Zeller led the way for Indiana in this one with 20 points (eight-of-13 shooting) and eight rebounds. Victor Oladipo and Jordan Hulls pitched in 19 and 13, respectively. All in all, the Hoosiers had four players finish in double figures.

Dexter Strickland led all Tar Heels with 14 points (six-of-10 shooting). James McAdoo finished with 10 points (four-of-15 shooting) and nine rebounds. Three out of five North Carolina starters finished in double figures.

You can out the full highlights in the video below.

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