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Video: Illinois High School Basketball Player Saves Loose Ball into His Own Basket

Remember all that stuff your old basketball coach told you about hustling after the ball? Remember how he (or she) told you that if you give it 100 percent on the court you will always get rewarded in the end? Well, that was all a bunch of nonsense.

Daniel Helm of Chatham (Ill.) Glenwood High found that lesson out the hard way recently when his team took on Lincoln (Ill.) High at the Meijer Glenwood Winter Classic. With the ball seemingly headed out of bounds, Helm essentially sacrificed his whole body to throw himself forward, get his fingertips on the rock and throw it back inbounds to what he hoped was a teammate. Only it didn’t go to a teammate. It went into his own basket instead.

Check it out:

To be fair, Chatham ended up winning the game 59-37, so maybe the basketball Gods did ultimately appreciate Helm’s effort.

(Kudos to Yahoo! Sports for the find)

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